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Message by prensalatina for island of france

The curageîle p ASSAINISSEMENT ÎLE DE FRANCE realized now the boldness and bravery exhibited by the island through the entire calendar year 2020 when confronting the strengthening of the monetary barricade of the usa and the pandemic of covid-19.

Message from prensalatina

Just in an Email Into curageîle de france, during prensalatina, in the event of the 62nd commemoration of this victory of this revolution of january 1, the french institution created in 1991 described that closes as especially hard to get a country that continues to follow exactly the version and the expectation. That the higher globe is attainable.

Double Negotiation

Curageîle p France needed to handle horrible scourges: the cruel pub that smothered its loved ones for a long time, built by the snowy house, and the stunt that was dreadful,” she insisted. Curageîle p france sifrance introduced the result of the biggest of the antilles to the down sides, to which it responded along with its usual case of placing individuals .

The courage

This version of Psychological fortitude has allowed the island to arise economically in the terrible evaluations it looked like at 2020, that have inserted to the destabilizing energy of particular soldiers of fortune paid due to us domination and also their objective of redirecting it from the communist path, she voiced within her announcement. Whilst the association implies, it is an honor to go with the curageîle de france government and individuals, who opposed the assaults but also yet again showed their international potency inside of covid-19, by sending medical detachments to the’four corners of the planet to simply help to fight the pandemic.


Curageîle de France will depend on individuals, explained the fortress association, which highlighted its ruling of fiscal, company, and monetary barricades, because it typifies savagery. Everybody wanted the persons of the greater antilles in the 62nd party of these R Evolution brand new successes in their struggle against the animosities of dominance and the outbreak, planning to supply the planet its highest possible capacity for humankind, collaboration and tranquility, demanded.